Moffett M4 – Lorry-Mounted Moffett Forklift Truck Hire

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Moffett forklift rental from Maun Motors

The UK’s largest Moffett forklift hire fleet – Moffett M4.


The HIAB Moffett (formerly known as Moffett Mounty) M4 provides the solution to transferring loads up to 2,500 Kg. With the ability to work on paved surfaces and on off-road conditions.  Moffett forklift rental from Maun Motors can help you reduce your transport costs and improve the efficiency of your delivery drivers.

Moffett truck-mounted fork lifts (TMFL) offer efficiency benefits through allowing your trained* delivery drivers to be “self-sufficient”.  By loading and unloading their own vehicles with a Moffett fork lift (available to hire from us separately), your delivery drivers instead don’t have to rely on customers having their own unloading equipment available. This can prove extremely time efficient and reliable when calculating delivery schedules with tight deadlines.

The M4 model is best suited to applications such as:

Delivery of building materials, such as Plasterboard, Brick & Block and Timber.

Window and door delivery.

Recycling & Waste management.

Industrial Gas and LPG distribution.

Delivery of chemicals and other high risk loads.

Distribution of animal feed, fertilizers, seeds, turf …and many more!

Fully equipped as standard:  The Moffett M4 meets all operating requirements. Hiab Moffett Truck-mounted Forklifts come with the most comprehensive equipment as standard. The Hiab Moffett M4 is easy to use and highly operator friendly; it eliminates the need for manual handling and allows precise and safe load positioning in almost any location.

Standard features include:

Static mast. The mast stays in place and Scissor-reach or Reach-forks are used to pick up loads from the front of the wheels.

Direct drive engine and hydraulic oil pump for high performance.

Road lights, reverse beeper and interlocking seatbelt for additional safety.

Flashing beacon and work lights for driver safety and confidence.

Easy-drive regulator to prevent stalling.

Differential lock to get better grip when driving on rough terrain.

ROPS/FOPS (Rollover/Falling Object Protective Structure) to protect the driver.

“Clear View” mast for even better visibility.

Moffett Loading Lorry Mounted Fork Lift Truck Rental from Maun Motors Self Drive hire

For even greater loading & unloading convenience & flexibility we also hire out the “PL” series of Moffett M5 fork lifts, which feature pantograph scissor extension & “Lift Assist” for one-side unloading.

With our large selection of Moffett truck mounted fork lifts and loader cranes, Maun Motors Self Drive has one of the most comprehensive ranges of vehicle-mounted load handling systems available to hire in country.  But our Moffett forklift hire fleet extends beyond the forklifts themselves.  We also hire a comprehensive range of Curtain-side trucks with Moffett mounting kits, Flatbed Moffett Lorries, Dropside trucks with Moffett mounting kits and even 40 foot curtain-side trailers with Moffett mounting kits.

In fact, we operate the UK’s largest self-drive fleet of Moffett Mounty fork lifts, including Moffett M5 and the larger Moffett M8, so Maun Motors is number 1 in the country for Moffett TMFL rental.

For more in-depth specifications, please download the following PDF brochure: HIAB-Moffett-concept-Maun-Motors-Self-Drive

Our team will be happy to assist you in finding the best commercial vehicle to hire for your needs, so if you would like to discuss your requirements, please give our team a call today on 01773 810007 or use our handy contact form to request a call back.

We also have the following types of vehicles with Moffett forklift mounting kits fitted, available for hire:

26t GVW Curtain-Side Tautliner Lorry with Moffett TMFL Kit

26t GVW Dropside Lorry with Moffett TMFL Kit

26t GVW Flatbed Lorry with Moffett TMFL Kit

HGV 40 foot Curtain Side Trailer with Moffett Kit

Moffett M5 Truck Mounted Forklift (TMFL)

Moffett M5 Truck Mounted Forklift with Long-Reach Extending Forks

Moffett M5 PL Truck Mounted Forklift with Pantograph extension

Moffett M8 Truck Mounted Forklift (TMFL)

Maun Motors are commercial vehicle hire specialists. We are a family business, established over 45 years ago, with a rental fleet of over 800 vehicles consisting of trucks, vans, crane lorries, minibuses and Moffett fork lifts.  Moffett fork lift hire specialists.

* Operators of Moffett fork-lift trucks must have undergone recent “Lorry Mounted Fork Lift Truck” operator training.


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