26t Curtain Side Truck with Moffett Forklift Mounting – Sleeper Cab

Daily Hire From (excl. VAT) £136.00

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Moffett Curtain Side Lorry Hire


26 tonne GVW Truck with Sleeper Cab & Moffett Forklift Mounting


Curtain-side lorries – also known as Tautliner – offer all of the load carrying volume of a large box body, with the added benefit of unrestricted access from three sides during loading and unloading; whether by manual load handling or by forklift truck.  Therefore, curtain siders provide the flexibility that can accommodate a variety of cargos.  A Moffett lorry with rear TMFL mounting points adds even more benefits as a delivery vehicle; you can take your forklift with you!

Our 26 tonne curtain-siders with TMFL mounting kits fitted for HIAB Moffett (Mounty) truck-mounted fork lifts (TMFLs) offer additional benefits through allowing your trained* delivery drivers to be “self-sufficient”, by loading and unloading their own vehicles with a Moffett fork lift (available to hire from us separately), instead of relying on customers having their own unloading equipment available.  This can prove extremely time efficient and reliable when calculating delivery schedules with tight deadlines.  These features make our lorries with Moffett mounting brackets very popular with builders merchants for delivery of building materials, plasterboard, insulation, etc.  Timber merchants for the transport & delivery of wood products.  Distributors of pet food, bird seed & agricultural feed, drinks & beverage wholesalers, along with many types of palletised distribution.

These trucks, with their integrated sleeper cabs are ideal for long-distance delivery and collection work which may incorporate several days on the road, with overnight stays a necessity.  A sleeper cab allows the driver to sleep in the vehicle in comfort, which can also be beneficial for use during rest periods to ensure compliance with driver hours legislation.

The body of this 26,000 kg GVW truck has heavy-duty, hard-wearing, specialist resin-bonded plywood load deck flooring on the load deck.  The lightweight curtain-side body and features various integrated tie-down points inside the body for maximum load security.  Both the curtains and the barn-style rear doors are lockable for security.  The chassis features a 6×2 axle configuration with a rear-steer, rear-lift (rear drop axle), for added manoeuvrability & handling when laden and improved fuel efficiency when unladen.  We also offer this vehicle with a day cab instead of a sleeper cab, click here for more information.

This vehicle type is compatible with all of the Hiab​ Moffett M4, M5 & M8 truck-mounted forklifts on our rental fleet, as well as some Manitou models (please speak to our hire team to confirm dimensions & compatibility), thanks to the integrated mounting kit on the rear of the vehicle.

We also hire out the following range of Moffett-compatible lorries: Curtain Side rigid trucks with day cab, Curtain-side tri-axle Trailers, Flatbed Moffett Lorries and Dropside trucks, each with integrated Moffett mounting kits.

With our large selection of Moffett truck mounted fork lifts and loader cranes, Maun Motors Self Drive has one of the most comprehensive ranges of vehicle-mounted load handling systems available to hire in country.  In fact, we operate the UK’s largest self-drive fleet of Moffett fork lifts.

Our team will be happy to assist you in finding the best commercial vehicle to hire for your needs, so if you would like to discuss your requirements, please give our team a call today on 01773 810007 or use our handy contact form to request a call back.

LONDON ULEZ (ULTRA Low Emission Zone) & Clean Air Zones

Thanks to meeting the Euro 6 emissions rating, this vehicle is suitable for use within the London ULEZ Low Emission Zone and the Clean Air Zones operating in cities such as Birmingham, Bath, Greater Manchester, Sheffield, Bradford, Bristol & Portsmouth. If you plan to use your hired vehicle within a Clean Air Zone or the enlarged ULEZ zone in Greater & Central London, please specify a Euro 6 vehicle when making your booking.

Please note that due to the increased cost of modern vehicles, the rental price of a Euro 6 model may be higher than a Euro 5 model; but if you will be entering a ULEZ or CAZ this extra cost will be more than offset by not having to pay an entry charge.

We also have the following types of vehicles with Moffett forklift mounting kits fitted, available for hire:

26t GVW Curtain-Side Tautliner Lorry with Moffett Kit (TMFL)

26t GVW Dropside Lorry with Moffett Kit (TMFL)

26t GVW Flatbed Lorry with Moffett Kit (TMFL)

HGV 40 foot Tautliner Trailer Rental with Moffett Kit (TMFL)

Moffett M4 Truck Mounted Forklift (TMFL)

Moffett M5 Truck Mounted Forklift (TMFL)

Moffett M5 PL Truck Mounted Forklift with Pantograph extension (TMFL)

Moffett M8 Truck Mounted Forklift (TMFL)

Other sizes of curtain-side vehicles available for self drive hire include:

3.5t Curtain Side Tautliner Van Hire

7.5t Curtain Side Tautliner Truck Hire – Day Cab

7.5t Curtain Side Tautliner Truck with Tail Lift – Sleeper Cab

18t Curtain Side Tautliner Truck without Tail Lift – Sleeper Cab

26t Curtain Side Tautliner Truck with Moffett Forklift Mounting – Day Cab

26t Curtain Side Tautliner Truck with Moffett Forklift Mounting – Sleeper Cab

HGV Tautliner Trailer Rental – 40 foot Curtain-Side Tri-Axle, Moffett Mounting Kit

The following 26 tonne vehicles are also available to hire from us:

26t Beavertail Plant Transporter Lorry Hire

26t Flatbed lorry hire (without Moffett mounting kit)

26t Hiab Crane Lorry Hire

26t Tipper-Grab Muckaway Crane Lorry hire

Maun Motors are commercial vehicle hire specialists. We are a family business, established over 50 years ago, with a rental fleet of over 800 vehicles consisting of trucks, vans, crane lorries, minibuses and Moffett fork lifts.  Specialists in Moffett curtain side lorry hire.



Operators of Moffett fork-lift trucks must have undergone recent “Lorry Mounted Fork Lift Truck” operator training.


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