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Maun Motors has the largest self drive Moffett forklift hire fleet in the UK! With more Moffetts to hire than anyone else, we’re the number one choice for short or long term lorry mounted fork lift rental. To complement our range of Moffett forklifts we also hire out a variety of trucks with the ability to mount Moffett fork lifts (and similar truck-mounted forklift trucks – TMFLs) to the rear. These include both Day Cab and Sleeper Cab Curtain-side trucks, Rear-Steer Dropside Trucks, Rear-Lift Flatbed Lorries, Rear-Steer Flatbed Sleeper Cab Lorries and 40 foot tri-axle Trailers – available as both Curtain-side Trailer and Flatbed Trailer variants – all with Moffett mounting kits installed, enabling you take your forklift with you!


Moffett Mounty Truck Mounted Forklift Hire


Moffett invented the concept of the Truck-Mounted Forklift (TMFL) more than 40 years ago. The innovative Moffett (Originally known as the Moffett Mounty) has since revolutionised the haulage industry and is now considered indispensable for a range modern transport load-handling situations. Usually carried (piggyback) on the rear of a truck or trailer combination – a Moffett can be dismounted and ready for work in as little as a minute, increasing productivity and substantially helping reduce transportation/handling costs.


Compared to more conventional forklifts, Moffetts are lighter, more agile and can be used in places where accessibility is difficult (including off-road). With a Moffett truck-mounted forklift, drivers can unload cargo without waiting for assistance; this faster turnaround translates into better logistics and increased profitability. We also have on fleet, Moffetts featuring Lift Assist, including Moffetts with extending forks and the PL series Moffetts with a scissor-type “Pantograph”extension which allow one-side offloading.


Our Moffett Hire Department, situated on the Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire border, boasts one of the most comprehensive ranges of Moffet fork lifts available for hire in the country. Our range includes multiple M4, M5 and M8 Moffetts.


A Moffett TMFL is easy to use and highly operator friendly; eliminating the need for manual handling and allows precise and safe load positioning in almost any location. These credentials make our lorries with Moffett mounting brackets very popular with builders merchants for delivery of building materials, plasterboard, insulation, etc. Timber merchants for the transport & delivery of wood products. Distributors of pet food, bird seed & agricultural feed, drinks & beverage wholesalers, along with many types of palletised distribution.


Our team will be happy to assist you in finding the best combination of Moffett Mounty and Moffett Lorry or Trailer to hire for your needs. So, to find out which type of Moffett & lorry best suits your requirements, please give our team a call today on 01773 810007 or use our handy contact form to request a call back.



Moffett TMFL Hire & Moffett Lorry Rental

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