HGV Trailer Rental – 40 foot Flatbed Tri-Axle, Moffett Mounting Kit

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HGV Trailer rental – Flatbed for Moffett


40 foot tri-axle Flatbed Trailers with Moffett forklift mounting brackets for hire


If you’re looking for Moffett lorry-mount fork lift hire, Maun Motors now supplies the whole package for artic vehicle rental: Moffett TMFL hire, Truck rental, Trailer rental & Tractor Unit hire!

Flatbed trailers are ideal for transporting heavy loads which need to be loaded with a fork lift, such as steel stock, castings & mouldings, or an large & heavy load which does not need to be kept dry at all times.  A flatbed trailer offers unrestricted access from three sides during loading and unloading by forklift truck.  A Moffett trailer adds even more benefits as a delivery vehicle; you can take your forklift with you!

Due to customer demand, we have added several tri-axle flatbed trailers and curtain-side HGV Tautliner trailers to our commercial vehicle hire fleet, meaning you can now hire a full articulated lorry / artic from Maun Motors.  These 40 foot semi-trailers are equipped with mounting kits for Moffett fork lifts on the rear*, sturdy headboards, heavy-duty & hard-wearing hardwood half-lap load bed flooring, multiple integrated load lashing points in the load deck.

Our HGV flatbed trailers with mounting kits fitted for HIAB Moffett truck-mounted fork lifts offer efficiency benefits through allowing your trained** delivery drivers to be “self-sufficient”.  By loading and unloading their own vehicles with a Moffett fork lift (available to hire from us separately), your delivery drivers instead don’t have to rely on customers having their own unloading equipment available. This can prove extremely time efficient and reliable when calculating delivery schedules with tight deadlines.  These features make our lorries with Moffett mounting brackets very popular with builders merchants for delivery of building materials, portable cabins & site containers, etc.  and timber merchants for the transport & delivery of wood products.

We have sourced quality new and used HGV trailers from major manufacturers such as Montracon, SDC Trailers and Don-Bur to ensure your fleet is as reliable as possible.  Downtime is kept to a minimum due to any replacement parts and service items being easy to source.

Our current flatbed trailers are compatible with the Hiab​ Moffett M4 model only, although we are hoping to soon incorporate trailers with mounting kits for Moffet M5 & M8 truck-mounted forklifts and well as some Manitou models.  If you need a trailer to fit a truck-mounted forklift other than the Moffett M4, please speak to our team for up-to-date availibility or consider one of our curtain-side trailers instead.

Our HGV trailer rental service compliments our range of Tractor Units and the UK’s largest hire fleet of Moffett fork lifts in various sizes, including M4, M8 and M5, ensuring that we have something to suit a vast range of applications.  Moffetts and tractor units are available separately and are not included in the rental price of a trailer.

We also hire out Curtain Side rigid trucks with day cab or sleeper cab, Flatbed Moffett Lorries and Dropside trucks, all with integrated Moffett mounting kits.

Prices for our HGV trailer hire are available upon request.  Our team will be happy to assist you in finding the best commercial vehicle to hire for your needs so if you would like prices, or would like to discuss your requirements, please give our team a call today on 01773 810007 or use our handy contact form to request a call back.

Other sizes of flatbed vehicles available for self drive hire include:

7.5t Flatbed Truck Hire – Day Cab

18t Flatbed Truck Hire – Day Cab

26t Flatbed Truck Hire – Day cab

We also have the following types of vehicles with Moffett forklift mounting kits fitted, available for hire:

26t GVW Curtain-Side Tautliner Lorry with Moffett TMFL Kit

26t GVW Dropside Lorry with Moffett TMFL Kit

26t GVW Flatbed Lorry with Moffett TMFL Kit

Tri-Axle Curtain-Side Tautliner HGV Trailer with Moffett TMFL Kit

Moffett M4 Truck Mounted Forklift

Moffett M5 Truck Mounted Forklift

Moffett M5 Truck Mounted Forklift with Long-Reach Extending Forks

Moffett M5 PL Truck Mounted Forklift with Pantograph extension

Moffett M8 Truck Mounted Forklift

Maun Motors are commercial vehicle hire specialists. We are a family business, established over 45 years ago, with a rental fleet of over 800 vehicles consisting of trucks, vans, crane lorries, minibuses and Moffett fork lifts.  Specialists in HGV Trailer Rental.


* also fits some Manitou truck-mounted fork lifts.  Please ask for more details & dimensions.

** Operators of Moffett fork-lift trucks must have undergone recent “Lorry Mounted Fork Lift Truck” operator training.


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