3.5t Dropside with Tail Lift, Towbar & Tachograph – 13.5 foot / 4.12 m

Daily Hire From (excl. VAT) £50.00

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3.5t Dropside – Tail Lift, Towbar & Tachograph


Flexible loading & towing options from the Dropside van that has it all!


We class this style of Dropside tail lift as a “3T“, which stands for Tail Lift, Towbar & Tachograph.

Popular with plant hire & tool hire companies and builders merchants, these versatile flatbeds have a handy, 500 Kg SWL, full-width column tail lift fitted to the rear and the vehicles are able to tow legally – up to their GTW – thanks to the digital tachograph.

Based on a standard length LWB / L4 Dropside (load length approx. 4.3 metres / 14 feet); the bodies of these vehicles feature aluminium dropsides and hard-wearing, specialist resin-bonded plywood, load decks.  Our most recent generations of this popular configuration have such features as: pull-up load retention rings, under-chassis roping hooks, strong tubular steel headboard, integrated side steps both sides & headboard grab handles.

A long wheelbase 3.5 tonne “3-T” dropside can be driven on a standard category B car licence, except when towing a trailer with a gross weight of over 750Kg.  To tow a heavier trailer the driver will need category B+E.  Our maintenance procedures ensure that tail lifts on our hire vans receive regular servicing and LOLER safety testing so you can remain compliant and hire with confidence from Maun Motors.

Dropsides with tacho & taillifts are popular within a range of industries, from plant hire companies to oil & gas delivery companies, to civil engineering & groundworks businesses.  A tail lift brings with it a large amount of flexibility, in assisting vehicle loading. These versatile pick ups also have tow bars and tachos, allowing mini diggers, wood chippers & mulchers, mowers, etc. on trailers to be brought to site with the crew and load; bringing cost savings over hiring a seperate vehicle capable of towing.

We have several 3,500 Kg GVW “3-T” Dropsides available on our rental fleet and our team will be happy to assist you in finding the best commercial vehicle to hire for your needs.  We also hire standard 3.5 tonne Dropsides without tail lifts and tachographs. Our “3-T” dropsides are an example of our fleet of specialist hire vehicles.


We are regularly updating our fleet and we have an increasing number of dropsides available which meet the Euro 6 / Euro VI emissions regulations, making them suitable for use within the London LEZ & ULEZ Low Emission Zones. There is an additional cost for these more modern & expensive vehicles. If you plan to use your hired vehicle within the ULEZ zone in Central London, please specify a Euro 6 vehicle when making your booking.

Please note that due to the increased cost of modern vehicles, the rental price of a Euro 6 model may be higher than a Euro 5 model; but if you will be driving through Central London this extra cost will be more than offset by not having to pay the ULEZ entry charge.

Our team will be happy to assist you in finding the best commercial vehicle to hire for your needs, so if you would like to discuss your requirements, please give our team a call today on 01773 810007 or use our handy contact form to request a call back.

We also have the following types of 3.5 tonne dropsides available for hire:

3.5t Dropside Hire L3 – 13.5 foot / 4.12 m Flatbed

3.5t Dropside Hire L4 – 14 foot / 4.25 m Flatbed

3.5t XL Dropside Van Hire L5 – 16 foot / 4.87m Extra Long Flatbed

3.5t XXL Dropside Van Hire L5 – 17 foot / 5m+ Extra Long Flatbed

Other sizes of dropside vehicles available for self drive hire include:

7.5t Dropside Truck Hire – Day Cab

18t Dropside Truck Hire – Day Cab

26t Dropside Truck with Moffett Mounting Kit


PRIVATE HIRERS (e.g. for personal use, not for company use) – Private Hire Rates shown below (Private 24hr and Private 4hr“, where applicable) INCLUDE VAT and INSURANCE COVER! Please call us for further details.

INSURANCE EXCLUSIONS: Please note that when hiring vehicles on our own insurance, towing with the vehicle is NOT permitted; even if the vehicle you hire has a towbar fitted. This is a condition of our insurance and is beyond our control. If you need to tow with your hire vehicle, you must arrange additional insurance cover prior to commencement of the hire agreement.


In 2015 the DVLA abolished the paper counterpart driving licence. This affects how we are able to validate the driving licences of our customers. Hirers must now enter their details into a website in order to share some of their licence details with us, otherwise we are unable to hire to them.

If you are hiring a vehicle from us which will be covered by our insurance it is essential that you read the information at the following link: https://hire.maunmotors.co.uk/hiring-vehicle-private-insurance/

Other similar vehicles we have available to hire include: 3.5t single cab tippers, 3.5t crew cab tippers, 7.5t dropsides, flatbeds, beavertails, skip loaders and panel vans.

Maun Motors are commercial vehicle hire specialists. We are a family business, established over 45 years ago, with a rental fleet of over 800 vehicles consisting of trucks, vans, crane lorries, minibuses and Moffett fork lifts.  Proudly serving Mansfield, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, Alfreton, Ripley, South Normanton, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Newark, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & the East Midlands since 1972 – and more recently – London & beyond.  Specialists in hire of dropside tail lift with tow bar & tachograph. We also have a selection of quality used dropside & flatbed vans for sale. More about the services we offer.

Vehicles with Tail Lifts – further reading:

Society of Operations Engineers – Tail Lift Operators Simple Guide

Society of Operations Engineers – Preventing Falls and Falling Loads from Tail Lifts

HSE – Thorough Examinations Guide

HSE – Vehicles at work – Safe driving: loading & unloading

HSE – Reducing the risk of falls from tail-lifts



  • PRIVATE HIRERS (e.g. for personal use, not for company use) - Private Hire Rates shown INCLUDE VAT and INSURANCE COVER! Please call us for more details.

3.5t Dropside with Tail Lift, Towbar & Tachograph – 13.5 foot / 4.12 m - Get in touch...